Welcome to Ziwa Corporation

ZIWA Corporation has the vision of building a company that truly understands the need of companies looking to build first class facilities in the areas we operate. With a thorough and complete understanding of the construction industry in both the US and Mexico, we have developed a team approach through innovative management and partnering that focuses on schedule, safety, technology and quality. Thanks to a continued review of current technique by our team, we can create the value required to deliver a high quality product at the most efficient cost.

Ziwa’s simple PHILOSOPHY is to focus on human value, team and commitment to our customers. We can better perform to the expectations of our customers and our personnel by making our company philosophy the basis for decision making in all aspects of our work. Our business requires employees who, through their commitment, are willing to make sacrifices in order to ensure that the job gets done under our terms. Partnering through servicing our sub-contractors and investing in their progress and development is an integral part of our success.